You're invited to a version 2 of

Couch Camp

A (unofficial) virtual World Scholar's Cup round,
organised by the community.

Practice your skills in

all four WSC events

From debates on Discord to a digital challenge, our team has ensured your experience will be as similar to a standard round as possible. You'll apply the same skills you'll need when competing in the Scholar's Cup.

It's all going towards

keeping WSC alive

The Scholar's Cup has been struggling due to the COVID-19 crisis. They've started a GoFundMe campaign to ensure the program survives. All the proceeds from Couch Camp 2 will go to the fundraiser.

Key Details

Dates: 15th Oct to 22nd Oct
Cost per person (in USD): $5
Hosted on: Discord

Organising Groups

Avan's Alpaca Resources
Scholars of Australia
Champion Scholar Initiative

Joaquin Revello